“I only had a couple beers, officer. I think. Where am I?”

1 04 2010

Photo courtesy of the Chico Enterprise-Record

Ah, the holidays.  A time for revelry and merriment.

If you’re a Chico State student, apparently it also means fighting, public intoxication, and interfering with a police dog or horse.

Luckily, that last one isn’t a repeat from Clerks 2; it means that some idiot, during the Cesar Chavez holiday, struck a patrol horse.

Maybe the horse had it coming.  I wasn’t there.

There’s a Facebook page now called Against the offensive way Cesar Chavez Day is “celebrated” at Chico, Ca. It seems to be a reaction to the partying on Wednesday, saying “Unfortunately, Chico State students celebrate this day by getting drunk and making a mockery of the Mexican culture by wearing sombreros, mustaches, stereotypical `immigrant, Mexican’ attire..”  But these people are missing the bigger picture.

This is the way EVERY holiday gets celebrated in Chico. The only time it DOESN’T happen is when students aren’t in town.

This isn’t a surprise. This type of behavior would happen on Christmas too if most everyone wasn’t home with their families. There would be Santas with 40s and naughty elves with red cups filled with “good cheer” all through downtown, with the occasional Jesus staggering through with Jagermeister in one hand and Mary Magdalene in the other.  That’s the way Chico rolls.

Students complain that everybody calls Chico State a “party school”.  Well, this time it’s not the media.  It’s not the townsfolk.  It’s the arrest statistics from Chico PD.

Nothing like living up to stereotypes.




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