The savior of Louisiana from crude oil is…Kevin Costner????

24 05 2010

Kevin Costner

It’s Waterworld:  The Wrath of Oil.  And Kevin Costner is here to save the day.

And this time it won’t cost $100 million.

As British Petroleum enters its second month of dealing with an exploding oil rig and subsequent oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, its efforts are noticed more for its failures than its successes.

Big steel dome over the top?  Nope–didn’t work.

Next idea?  Inserting a mile-long, 6-inch tube into the 21-inch leaking oil pipe and siphoning the oil that way.  We can call this Operation Hot Dog Down a Hallway.  That one’s not working either.

Their latest idea involves shooting golf balls, rope, and various forms of junk into the hole to plug it up.  They call this a “junk shot”.

It’s beginning to look like BP is run by Wile E. Coyote.  The only thing that’s missing is the ACME box this stuff comes in.

But there is one ray of hope:  Kevin Costner.  Yep–the Waterworld/Dances with Wolves guy.

Costner spent $26 million of his own money developing a device that separates oil from water, like a giant vacuum cleaner/centrifuge.  Called Ocean Therapy,  the device seems to work as advertised.

Which, if you think about it, really sucks for BP.

British Petroleum had revenues of $246 billion last year.  All their efforts to control the oil leak have failed.  They haven’t been able to control the oil washing up on the beaches either.

And here comes Costner.   With a machine that could clean up to 200 gallons of water a minute.  So far, that’s better than what a multinational corporation with billions of dollars at their disposal has come up with.

Kevin Costner could save Louisiana.  From British Petroleum.   In real life.  It could happen.

The only good news for BP management?  The company isn’t Japanese.  So at least no ritual suicide will be involved.

A few resignations wouldn’t hurt, though.




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